Amazon Customer Service Number 0844 545 9983

Have you noticed how hard it is To Find a Customer Service Number?

When dealing with big online stores it can be hard to pick up the phone to discuss an issue. Contact numbers are buried deep within pages, and sometimes the only number available will be an automated payment line. This is often a source of frustration.

The Bigger and Popular the Brand, the Harder to Call

In fact as a little experiment see if you can locate a customer help phone number for Amazon, Google, or Virgin Media. See how long it takes you.

If you cannot phone them your only option is to email, but even finding a viable email address is not easy. In fact, if most businesses have a contact us page, Amazon and the popular brands have hidden it well, and some have simply removed it.

Combating the Frustration of No Contact Number

The problem is of course, is that if you do manage to find an email address you then have to type out the email. Though it seems easy on the surface you could have to explain a complex issue. Explaining complex issues is a lot easier when you can talk to someone directly. People find it easier to explain and understand issues verbally than the written word which only a few of us can write well.

Phone Number Websites

Fortunately, websites have been developed which are a bit like a help line directory. Here, you can simply look up a phone number and dial it. No fuss, no hassles, and you can resolve your issue quickly and smartly. Just like how it should be.

To get you started take a look at this site. Telephone Customer Service I found Amazon’s customer service number straight away. For future reference it is 0844 545 9983.

They list hundreds of phone numbers for businesses throughout the country.