Can You Call Netflix? – Call: 0844 545 6551

Are you an existing customer with Netflix wishing to speak to a customer service representative about any issues relating to your account? Do you want to call Netflix as a potential customer with some preliminary questions before signing up to the service?

Can you call Netflix? Yes, call the above number.

Netflix is a provider of an on-demand internet streaming service. Headquartered in the US, Netflix is available to viewers across world, including parts of Europe. A subscription-based service, Netflix allows viewers access to an extensive library of film and TV titles, either via internet streaming or as a disc rental service sent via US mail. Its titles can be watched on a variety of different devices, including on a laptop or PC, iPad, Smart TV and video game consoles.

Netflix offers its customers a wide range of choice, including cult TV programmes and TV series, documentaries and films of all genres. A pay-monthly service, if you’re interested to sign up to Netflix you’ll receive a free trial which lasts for 1 month, after which you can either decide to cancel the service or start paying a subscription fee.

Here at Telephone Customer Service Numbers our aim is to make it easy for you to contact the Netflix customer service department, when you need to.