Child Benefit Contact Number – Phone: 0844 545 7843

Child benefit customers often need help and advice. As a Child Benefit customer you may well need to ask someone for assistance. Perhaps you need to report a change of circumstance, appeal a decision that you’re not happy with, ask for help with a claims form, get your Child Benefit number, check that you’re receiving the amount that you’re entitled to for your child, or just have a general enquiry. In short, there are many reasons as to why you may want to contact someone on the Child Benefit agency customer service helpline.

Child Benefit is claimed by a large number of people throughout the UK, so not having a contact number easily available will cause a lot of problems for a lot of people. It’s of vital importance that you always have access to the Child Benefit contact number should you have any queries regarding your claim.

Whatever you need help with, our online directory can help you. We have made it quick and easy for you to find the telephone number you need in order to get the answer you need.