eBay Contact Number – Call: 0844 545 9982

It’s no secret – or surprise – that trying to contact a big, popular brand is more of a challenge than working your way through to the customer service spokesperson of a smaller, customer-friendly enterprise.  The bigger the brand, the better hidden the customer service number on their website.

eBay, the very biggest of brands, is no exception.  In fact, eBay does not list a customer service number on its website. As one of the world’s largest consumer corporations you’d expect them to have an entire army of customer service personnel, ready to take your call and answer your query. Unfortunately this is not the case, and all you will get are redirections to redirections with no human voice at the end of it.

This, as a system, is frustrating at best, and we’re determined not to let the big brands get away with it. At Telephone Customer Service Numbers we can provide the eBay contact number for you. Simply call 0844 545 9982. So put away the thick phone book, get off eBay’s website and come to us, your new favourite online telephone directory.