Marks and Spencer Contact Number – Call: 0844 545 7869

From its company headquarters in the City of Westminster to your local store on the forecourt of your nearby petrol station, Marks and Spencer (M & S) is a renowned British multi-national retailer selling everything from luxury food products, clothing, shoes, gifts, wine, homeware and lingerie. M & S is known as an upmarket retailer selling quality products to its customers.  It is also known for the quality of its customer service, both on the shop floor and on the other end of the phone.

M & S qualifies as one of the most desirable and popular shopping destinations on the High Street today, especially for food products. Come lunchtime, expect your local town or city M & S to be teaming with the local workforce, buying their sushi and sandwiches.

A retailer of the size of M & S has multiple contact numbers on offer, each dependent on what type of query or question you have.

Do you have a pre-sales or after-sales enquiry?

Do you need to amend an existing order?

Do you have a complaint regarding store service or product quality?

Don’t ask us, ask M & S via the number above.