Passport delays warning

Peoples concerns continue as their holiday’s abroad come closer and passports have still not been issued.

Plans have already been put in place to ensure families who want to go on holiday get their passports back in time..

The Passport Office has been putting plans in place since the beginning of this year since they started to see this increase in numbers they have been increasing the number of staff and are
now open – passport offices – from 7am to midnight 0844 545 7863


The increase in passport applications coincides with the closures of regional application offices across the world in an attempt to cut costs

The Passport Officers are now working longer hours and more days of the week. They will continue to look at this issue and the Passport Office will put more staff in place and resources in place to ensure that they can deal with the applications.

If you are one of these families or anyone awaiting a passport from the Passport Office for travel abroad this summer then we advise you to call 0844 545 7863 to speak with a Passport Officer Advisor to chase your passports up.