TalkTalk Customer Service Number – Call: 0844 545 9968

Broadband providers often have different contact numbers for customer service, technical support and sales. It can be tricky knowing who to speak to. What you think might be a customer service issue might well, in TalkTalk’s view, be an issue for technical support. If you can’t locate the right number it can take time – too much time – to find the right person to speak to.

TalkTalk is one of the UK’s leading providers of broadband, mobile, television and telephone services. TalkTalk offers fixed and mobile telephone and broadband services to consumers under the TalkTalk brand, and to businesses under the TalkTalk Business brand.

Is your broadband running slowly? Are you looking to upgrade your TalkTalk television package? Do you have an issue with Internet security?

Now you can contact TalkTalk customer service with the number noted above. This single number is all you’ll need to find the answers to your questions. Dissecting the TalkTalk website in search of answers can quickly feel like going round and round in circles. This is very frustrating for any consumer or business who’s paying for a service. Well, now you can talk to TalkTalk whenever you like.