Telephone Customer Service Numbers – Selfridges Contact Number – Call: 0844 545 7879

It’s familiar to most of us, the iconic yellow shopping bag with the printed black lettering. The Selfridges bag.
Selfridges is known throughout the world as a chain of department stores, the first of which was opened in London’s Oxford Street. Selfridges is noted for its dedication to high end fashion and electronic consumer goods. The original store opened its doors over a hundred years ago and still trades successfully today, holding its place as one of London’s most famous and universally-loved department stores.
The Selfridges website is also a busy place to be. Here you can shop for the latest trends, put together your wedding list and generally restock your home. It’s the shop that sells everything.
Inevitably, however, the high numbers of customers shopping at its stores and its website will mean high numbers of customers needing to make telephone contact every day.
Have you got an urgent question regarding a purchase you made online? Or do you need to contact customer service because of something that occurred in a store? Big department stores like Selfridges will have large customer service teams, poised to answer your call. So pick up the phone, and get dialling.