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DHL is a leading logistics international company that was founded in the US back in 1969, but it became popular internationally in the 1970s. DHL operations in the UK began in 1973 when London increasingly became an important centre for financial services. Today DHL makes deliveries to UK banks using helicopters as the financial industry has become a key source of demand for their services. The easiest and the most convenient way customers can contact DHL about any of its services is through calling the DHL number on 0844 545 7922. The nature of DHL’s business demands excellent customer services and therefore the number quickly connects callers to friendly customer service representatives that provide the appropriate assistance whenever required.

DHL Number 0844 545 7922

DHL is part of the Deutsche DHL which is listed in Frankfurt, but its operations and brand popularity remain global. The UK is one of the most important markets for DHL with the company providing its services across the sectors. As one of the busiest logistics companies, DHL customer services are ever in high demand with customers calling for a variety of reasons including making enquiries, registering their complaints and so on. The number which can connect you to a DHL contact centre with the shortest wait time is the DHL telephone number 0844 545 7922. While you get the fastest response after calling the number, every 5 minute call only costs 25p (Plus your phone companies access charge).

Due to its many years of experience in providing logistics services within and beyond the borders of the UK, DHL boasts of an overnight delivery reliability rate of about 97 percent. The helicopter service in London makes next-day deliveries from US financial centres to banks based in the UK a reality. The service beats traffic jams and has been very successful with the highest demand for it originating from the financial services industry. The helicopter service in the UK is the first DHL has ever launched outside the US. That signifies the importance of the UK market for DHL even as it keeps growing its business globally. Customers in the UK looking for a telephone number to contact the DHL customer service for any reason can simply dial 0844 545 7922 and will be guaranteed of the fastest connection.

DHL was purchased by Deutsche Post back in 2002. This was after shares acquisition process that had began in 1998 and by 2001 making Deutsche Post to achieve the majority ownership in DHL. Due to the ever increasing demand of goods from the UK overseas, Deutsche Post DHL has been embarking on a major investment programme. The plan has been to invest about £156m over a period of 2 years in order to meet that growing demand. Parcels are expected to be delivered from the UK to more parts of the world with better efficiency than ever before. If you ever wanted to enquire about the parcel delivery services from the company in the UK, the best option would be to call the DHL customer service number 0844 545 7922 to get response faster than calling any other number. 

DHL keeps building new warehouses, improving sorting facilities and making other key investments to improve its services in the UK market. Since 2006, DHL has been running the NHS supply chain after it won a 10 year contract that is worth £1.6 billion. Under the contract, DHL was required to provide its logistics services to support about 600 hospitals as well as other health providers. The services required cover more than 500,000 products and therefore the contract led to the opening of a new distribution centre covering 250,000 sq ft or 23,000 m2. One more distribution centre opened in 2012. DHL uses state-of-the art technology to aid in tracking of packages and staff communication. Anytime you send a parcel using DHL, you can track it all the way to its destination. Incase of any delivery related issues, you simply need to call the DHL helpline 0844 545 7922.

DHL is an ever growing logistics company with individuals and companies that depend on the reliability of its services in the UK always growing. The company guarantees faster delivery of packages than any of its competitors in the UK. However, there are many possible reasons as customer you might find it necessary to call the company. Whether you need help or want to enquire about any of the company’s services in the UK, just call the DHL number 0844 545 7922.

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