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EDF Energy is one among the largest companies involved in energy production and supply to home and business customers in the UK. In terms of volume, the company is the largest energy supplier in the country. It produces 20% of the UK’s electricity and supplies over 6 million customers with electricity and/or gas. As a customer or anyone considering getting energy from EDF Energy, you might need the EDF telephone number 0844 545 7844 because it will guarantee the fastest connection to the customer service department. People call the company for a variety of reasons related to the service it provides and their energy needs or emergencies.

EDF Telephone Number 0844 545 7844

EDF Energy resulted from the incorporation of the brands Seeboard Energy, SWEB Energy and London Energy. EDF Energy is itself part of the larger EDF Group, a global energy company whose investments in the UK began in 1998. EDF Energy in the UK employs more than 15,000 people from Scotland to Southern England. The company has two separate businesses where one is the generation business that actually generates electricity, while the second is the supply business that buys gas and also electricity from the wholesale market and supplies it to the customers across the UK. When you need to make any enquiries, complaints, report issues or call for help incase of emergencies, you can simply dial 0844 545 7844 for the quickest response.

When buying energy from the wholesale market, EDF Energy predicts energy demands expected from their customers over a period of time. That allows them to determine how much to buy in advance to ensure their supply to the customers will be reliable and uninterrupted. Since unexpected weather changes or faults at power generation plants can occur, the company keeps adjusting the amount of energy they have to buy. The energy is bought at least three years in advance. When customers face outages or their energy supply is interrupted for any reason, the best option is always to call the EDF customer service number on 0844 545 7844 to report such issues or at least know if something is being done to provide a timely solution.

Residential customers usually have two types of tariffs they can choose from: variable or fixed. With variable tariffs, customers can expect price changes over the period of their energy deal with EDF Energy. Fixed tariffs guarantee that no such changes in prices can occur. It is always important to discuss your energy needs with an advisor in order to choose or change your energy tariffs wisely and save money. If you need such assistance, you can dial 0844 545 7844 for the fastest connection through to an expert who can advise you accordingly.

When it comes to the energy that EDF Energy supplies to businesses, it categories these customers as either small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), or larger businesses. SMEs usually choose from tariffs and contracts, but large businesses are allowed to negotiate individually for their contracts. EDF Energy makes every effort to closely monitor the costs of generating and supplying energy to customers in order to adjust prices accordingly. If you have any questions regarding the prices of their electricity or gas, you can simply call the EDF telephone number on 0844 545 7844 and quick response will be guaranteed.

Different options are allowed when it comes to the payment of energy bills. You can choose to pay using cash, cheque, direct debit, debit or credit card, or prepay options. You can enjoy certain amounts of discounts depending on the tariffs and the method of payment you choose. Sick, elderly and disabled customers are usually allowed to take advantage special priority services that may include password scheme to identify genuine EDF Energy representatives, minicom system, special bills (talking, large print, or braille bills), audio copies of booklets, special controls or adapters for appliances, advance notifications of planned energy supply interruptions, meter reading and bill sending to an alternative address.

Considering the ever increasing number of home and business customers that EDF Energy supplies with electricity and gas, its customer services department handles a lot of issues that customers need help with. You would want to call a number that guarantees fast connection when you need quick solutions or response to emergencies. Dialing 0844 545 7844 will save your time and also money with calls charged 5p per minute (Plus your phone companies access charge).

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