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Founded as Powergen back in 1989, EON is today one of the leading companies retailing power and gas in the UK market. The company supplies energy to over 5.3 million customers across the country. These customers include homes and businesses that depend on the energy EON supplies to meet diverse needs that require power and heat. The EON contact number is obviously very important considering the number of its consumers across the UK. If you ever find any need to call the EON’s customer service department for enquiries, complaints, or any other reason, calling 0844 545 6552 will give you the best opportunity to have your issues addressed.

EON Contact Number 0844 545 6552

As any other well established company in the UK does, EON values its interactions with customers. Through its professional customer service representatives that man its customer care desk, the leading power and gas retailer provides the necessary help and support to address a wide range of issues. The company also provides frequently asked questions or FAQs on its official website, but calling the EON telephone number on 0844 545 6552 allows you to talk directly to a customer service representative for first hand accurate information.

As a customer or any other party interested in getting help or information through EON’s customer service department, you would highly appreciate help to find the EON number. Time is a valuable resource to squander searching for the number in a manner that doesn’t even guarantee you finding it in the first pace. Through Telephone-Customer-Service.co.uk, you would appreciate finding the number 0844 545 6552 that connects you to the available customer service representative at EON. That is the most convenient way of reaching the company especially when you need help fast.

Many circumstances necessitate calling the EON customer service number on 0844 545 6552. You can do it incase of an emergency related to power and gas that might demand prompt response from the relevant team at EON. If you are new customer, you are likely to have many queries that can only be answered to your satisfaction after taking the initiative to call EON on 0844 545 6552. That number would still be important ton call in many other situations like when moving home, have issues with your repayment meter, need to register a complaint, have emergency efficiency issues, want to make a payment or provide your meter readings. With information at hand, a customer service representative will properly guide you to find the right solutions for any issues you might have with EON or its products.

As a leader in the UK’s energy sector, EON is a company that operates with transparency at all levels. The company values its obligation to provide any information its customers and even the general public demands. They avail the information in multiple channels which adds great convenience to everyone who needs it. The EON helpline is one of the most important channels setup to quickly respond to enquiries or provide any information sought to help address issues raised by customers or other parties. Calling the UK company on 0844 545 6552 not only guarantees the fastest connection but also some of the most affordable calling rates at only 25p for 5-minute calls, plus your telephone company’s connection fee.

If you live in the UK and depend on power or gas supplies from EON, at some point in time the need to call the company will certainly arise. By calling the right contact number EON customer care is always ready to help round the clock. Call 0844 545 6552 immediately you find yourself in any situation that demands accurate information for answers to queries or want to make any complaint. Customer service representatives at a leading UK company like EON are some of the best trained professionals, so they courteously listen and respond to any issues you raise with the sole intention of helping you out.


EON undeniably provides vast amounts of its information online via its official website. There is absolutely no question that sifting through the information for specific help can be a daunting task. The EON contact number helps you get solutions much faster than any other means, and can be a source of the most accurate information. Immediately you call 0844 545 6552 and get connected to the customer service department at EON to ask for help, whoever attends you is professional and provides the exact information including any details required.

Telephone Customer Service is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected or has any affiliation to EON. The direct contact number can be found in the public domain or on their official website.

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