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Gumtree is a popular online classifieds and a community-oriented website. In the UK, it is the largest website for online classifieds from local communities. There are different types of product categories listed for sale at Ads for some categories are free to list while others are paid for. The website is among the top 30 websites in the UK ranked according to the numbers of visitors. Many people in the UK therefore list their ads on the website and may often need help and support. Gumtree is a customer-focused business and therefore goes the extra mile in helping communities to make use of its platform. Many help resources are of course available online, but users can also call the Gumtree Contact number 0844 545 7938 when they need the fastest response.

Gumtree Contact Number 0844 545 7938

Gumtree targets a broad audience that appeals to all types of businesses. People use the website to look for virtually every type of product or service offered for sale. You can look for houses, cars, jobs, unique artifacts and much more. A lot can be found because the ads listed every single day can be more than 100,000 and every month at least 1.7 million live ads are recorded. In 2015, 3,503,377 ads were created during the month of March alone. If you live in the UK and need to create an ad on the website for the first time, you may want dial 0844 545 7938 for the fastest connection to a member of staff at Gumtree to provide the necessary assistance.

Recent online audits indicate that Gumtree receives 56.9 million visits on a monthly basis. The number of unique visitors per month is at 8.6 million. If the steadily growing number of visitors is anything to go by, Gumtree seems to be headed in the right direction and will continue to provide valuable audiences to businesses and consumers across the sectors. The category car classifieds has grown significantly and as of 2015 more than 13,000 cars are posted on daily basis. That makes Gumtree now the biggest consumer-to-consumer (C2C) car listing website in the UK. If you need to list a car and need help to do it, call the Gumtree telephone number on 0844 545 7938 for the fastest response.

Gumtree Contact number

Gumtree’s slogan goes as “Turn your stuff into cash.” That indicates that a diversity of stuff can be listed for sale on the website. There are numerous interactions among users on the website, while Gumtree also boasts of a very strong social media presence where more interactions are also expected. Most of the ads listed are linked to genuine stuff and users, while a small percentage of ads may be potentially linked to scams. There are news reports from sources like The Guardian and BBC Watchdog revealing how some users fell victims to scams taking advantage of the Gumtree website. If you notice any ads you suspect to be not genuine, you may want to call the Gumtree number on 0844 545 7938 to confirm they are okay before you proceed to engage anyone behind them.

When Gumtree was founded in 2000, it was meant to serve London alone for local classified ads, and also to connect people from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. People moving from or arriving in the city needed help with accommodation, finding jobs and meeting other people. It was in 2005 when eBay acquired Gumtree at a time when it had already spread to many cities and different countries across the continents. It however, remains more popular in the UK than in any other country.

Gumtree keeps growing and including more diverse categories of products much like eBay. As a community website, it affects people in many ways as they can connect with each other while also taking advantage of the opportunity to find virtually anything legal allowed for listing in the classifieds. Gumtree has also been actively involved in popular culture, from inspiring a 2014 Hollywood movie, Tusk, to becoming the official sponsor of the Big Brother including its associated media. To know how you can take full advantage of the website, whether as a consumer or business, you will need to call the Gumtree customer service number on 0844 545 7938. After a quick connection, you will be talking to its experts and they will assist as appropriate. When you dial 0844 545 7938 you will also save money as calls cost only 5p per minute (Plus your phone companies access charge).

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