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The UK market is key for Microsoft with millions of people in homes and businesses of all sizes using the software giant’s products. Although for many years the company has been well known for its Windows operating systems and Microsoft Office software, today its product portfolio includes a range of devices including tablets and smartphones. The company still continues to dominate the UK market as to the rest of the world with a range of software products. Since most businesses and personal users continue to use PCs that run Windows operating system, they are also consumers of most other Microsoft products especially software. Many people would therefore find the Microsoft contact number 0844 545 7849 quite useful if they ever needed to access any help or support from the company’s customer service.

Microsoft Contact Number – Call: 0844 545 7849

Microsoft UK has one of the most robust websites where you can not only find information regarding its company profile and products but also office locations, business strategy, general manager, community affairs and much more. The website is not only user friendly on desktop computers but is responsive and therefore mobile-friendly. You can easily navigate around it to find any information whenever and wherever you need it. However, it is also your choice to make enquiries, complaints, or ask for any other specific help and support you think you can get from its customer service. That’s when calling the Microsoft helpline proves to be both fast and cost efficient way to be connected through to a customer service agent.

Microsoft as a technology company provides products that sometimes demands customers to posses certain technical skills and knowledge. That might be critical whether you want to buy or have already purchased and want to use the products. There are many possible situations where customers could get stuck for lack of the technical knowledge required to take full advantage of the products that Microsoft offers. You might want to download a certain software products or updates that demand deep knowledge of your existing system software to avoid compatibility issues. Expert users might not face many challenges but certainly users that are not tech savvy as such would need help and support even regarding choices of products they may want to purchase. That is a perfect situation when the need to call the Microsoft number 0844 545 7849 arises.

Microsoft UK has a well structured customer services department populated by experienced staff with extensive knowledge of all Microsoft products. You would therefore want to take advantage of calling the Microsoft telephone number 0844 545 7849 for the most accurate answers. That can help you out to make sound decisions over any software or hardware products that you might want to purchase. You can do that before purchasing any software solutions from approved Microsoft Partners or downloading any software online if are not sure of compatibility related issues.


In one of the most notable recent developments, Microsoft made a strategic move that led to the acquisition of Nokia for a $7 billion. Buying the business services and its devices added to the Microsoft’s range of products that could redefine its growth potential going into the future. Now Nokia Lumia and the Asha as well as the X Series will be under the umbrella of Microsoft. Perhaps in the near future Microsoft is going to develop and release what would be truly its first smartphone. Enquiries related to any of the devices or services that were bought from Nokia would therefore now need to be directed to Microsoft’s customer services. If you need to ask questions or enquire anything in relation to that then do not hesitate to call the Microsoft help line 0844 545 7849.

Microsoft offers its full range of products to the UK market and efficiently provides the necessary help and support. Whether you use Microsoft’s tablets, Xbox, Surface, Perceptive Pixel or any accessories in its hardware lineup, Microsoft Cloud or any service available today, you can find conveniently call the Microsoft customer service number 0844 545 7849 to get help whenever the need arises. You may visit the company’s website for the UK market where you can also find the latest information and downloads, but if you encounter any difficulties you can always confidently call the Microsoft contact number 0844 545 7849 for speedy connection to find help.


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