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Netflix is a popular on-demand video subscription service with rapidly expanding online video content library. The service launched in the UK back in 4th January, 2012 and by July had a million subscribers. By 2014 the number of subscribers had reached over 3 million with at least one in every ten households subscribing. With the millions of existing customers and the numerous potential subscribers in the UK, there are many possible reasons contacting Netflix sometimes becomes necessary. If you have a Netflix account or are intent to have one, you may need to make enquiries and therefore calling the Netflix contact number on 0844 545 6551 would be absolutely necessary.

Netflix Contact Number  Call: 0844 545 6551

Since its launch into the UK market, Netflix has been very successful in attracting customers to its competitively priced subscription plans. Many people consider the online video streaming service to offer better value in comparison to expensive cable or satellite TV options. Although when Netflix started providing its service to the UK market only had limited content, its strategy was to first understand the tastes of its subscribers to expend content on that basis. The strategy has proven successful with many subscribers of Netflix plans today enjoy a variety of content including movies, TV shows, comedies, different types of films and documentaries. You may want to enquire about the content available for different subscription plans before actually subscribing. That makes it necessary to call Netflix number on 0844 545 6551 to speak to a customer service representative who knows what’s available for the UK market subscription plans.

Some Netflix subscribers in the UK often want to be able to watch content that is meant for other regions like North America. Tech savvy users may use VPNs or proxies to successfully unlock Netflix and what content that would have been otherwise not available to them. These means are unofficial as far as use of Netflix accounts is concerned and in some cases it has been reported that Netflix has made efforts to block them. If you would like to understand more about the geographical limitations of content that you may watch using a Netflix subscription, you can simply call the Netflix customer service number on 0844 545 6551 for more accurate explanations.

In the UK, Netflix has introduced profiles so that up to 5 members per household using a single account can watch content according to their individual tastes and watching habits. The option is useful in designating content that’s suitable to watch for people of different ages in households but the content available for each account is also largely determined by Netflix recommendations. If you experience any issues while trying to setup profiles, you may want to get help by calling the Netflix telephone number 0844 545 6551 which allows the fastest connection through to customer service.

Many Netflix subscribers in the UK often need help with issues related to billing for their accounts, lost passwords, connection problems, streaming problems and so on. Netflix provides help on many of these issues through its official website and some users are able to figure out how they can solve their problems. However, sometimes depending on many possible factors solutions may only be found when a users calls to talk to someone. That is especially necessary when dealing with technical issues that a user who is not tech savvy enough may not solve on their own. Calling the Netflix helpline on 0844 545 6551 is always one of the most reliable ways of getting the necessary help and support for subscribers.

Managing a Netflix account sometimes may require understanding a lot of issues including how charges apply and how to prevent unauthorised usage. Signing in, updating payment methods, updating email addresses and passwords can all be easily accomplished assuming there are no serious technical issues with your account. But for convenience or to resolve issues that are too technical, as Netflix subscriber you may want to simply call customer service for help. Making use of the Netflix contact number 0844 545 6551 is one way of ensuring you get issues resolved much faster so that your entertainment is not seriously interrupted. Whatever issues you may encounter with your Netflix subscriptions, help is always available from friendly customer service professionals.

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