NHS Helpline 0844 545 9119 Calls to our 0844 number cost only 5p per minute, plus your phone companies access charge.

NHS Helpline 0844 545 9119NHS Helpline

If you need any help from the NHS and it is not an emergency, for which you should always call 999, and you are only looking for advise then you can use our number to call the NHS Helpline on 0844 545 9119 . This will connect you straight through to the well known 111 service which is widely available in the public domain and indeed here.

The NHS 111 service was set up to let you get advise over the telephone for any non life threatening conditions you or someone you are calling on behalf of when your GP is shut or you are away from home.

Who answers calls to 111 calls and our NHS Helpline 0844 545 9119 ?
Calls you make to our NHS Number 0844 545 9119 are simply routed to the 111 service so there is absolutely no difference and no delays. Your calls will be answered by fully trained 111operatives who are in turn backed by trained nurses and use a clinical system to give you the best advise for your situation.

Advise you could be given, but not limited to, on our NHS Contact Number 0844 545 9119 could include things like:-

  • Go directly to A&E
  • Make an emergency appointment with your GP
  • Make a non emergency appointment with your GP
  • Talk to your pharmacist etc etc

This NHS Helpline 0844 545 9119 which connects to the NHS Contact Number 111 should greatly enhance the NHS Service and greatly reduce the Hugh pressures our NHS A&E are constantly under but also make it possible for anyone thatall important advice we seek when we need it 24/7

So don’t forget if you have a non emergency medical problem you can call the 111 service at any time on our NHS Telephone Number 0844 545 9119 but if you need urgent medical help then you must call 999 now.

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