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Npower is one of the “big six” energy suppliers in the UK supplying gas and electricity to over 3.5 million customers. About 10% of the electricity that is used in the UK is produced by the company which supplies both business and residential customers. If Npower is your energy supplier or you would like to switch to this company from another supplier, you may need the Npower contact number 0844 545 7845 to call whenever the need arises. The company has manned call centres in the UK ready to receive calls for enquiries, complaints, feedback, emergencies or any other need that arises from their customers. Whenever you need to call the company, you need the fastest connection that saves you both time and money.

As one of the leading companies in the UK’s energy sector, Npower ensures in everything it does customers are valued. You can choose from a number of tariffs provided by the company and get valuable advice on the tips you can use to use your energy more efficiently. That help is provided upon calling any of the call centres in the UK. The Npower number that you can call for greater convenience and fast response is 0844 545 7845. Trained advisers will be ready to listen to you and recommend the steps you can take for energy efficiency.

Npower customers are also given the convenience of using online accounts to access billing information, send meter readings, make payments and do more. Help and support is also available online as the company aims to make their customers find it easier to manage their accounts. If you have such an online account, you are not only able to view your bills and send meter readings, but also set up direct debits, change personal information and tariff, and set up reminders for meter readings. If you are unable to do any of those things for whatever reason, you can always find the Npower telephone number 0844 545 7845 the best option to call for help.

 Npower Contact Number 0844 545 7845Npower Contact Number 0844 545 7845

Npower is an energy supplier with a strong commitment in meeting the needs of its customers. It even recognizes the additional needs of their older customers, chronically ill, disabled and people on benefits to give them what they call a Warm Response Service. When you fall under any of those categories of Npower customers and need to know exactly what they do to take care of your additional needs, calling the Npower customer service number on 0844 545 7845 provides an excellent option for you to get help and support. If you live anywhere in the UK and are eligible for the warm home discount scheme set up by energy companies like Npower together with the government, you can get annual rebates of £140 on your bill. Call the helpline at Npower on 0844 545 7845 for assistance to know if you are eligible for the discount offered to vulnerable households.

Although makes efforts to provide quality energy and related services to its customers, at times things may not go well and in such cases you might want to make your complaints. Whether your complaints a about electricity, gas, boilers or heating, Npower takes them seriously and provides help if you call them. Reach the specialists that take calls on complaints by calling the Npower helpline on 0844 545 7845. Every issue can be solved and if you need advice the specialists can still assist. People struggling to pay their energy bills may also find out if they are eligible for discounts. The complaints performance of Npower meets high standards while the company also encourages customers to get independent advice.

Npower is part of the RWE Group, one of the top 5 leading companies in Europe that supply electricity and gas. It is therefore a strong company with great capabilities and ambitions of dominating the UK energy sector through generation, transmission, trading and supplying high quality electricity and gas. They can help you to switch from your current supplier if are not satisfied and will set up the necessary accounts for you. You can reach them by calling the Npower contact number on 0844 545 7845 and the staff at one of their call centres will be glad to take your call and help you.

DISCLAIMER Telephone Customer Service is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected or has any affiliation to Npower. The direct contact number can be found in the public domain or on their official website.

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