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PC World is one of the largest chains of superstores retailing a wide range of computers for the mass market. It is headquartered at Hemel Hempstead, UK was founded in 1991 but in 1993 joined Dixons Retail. Today the brand combination of Currys PC World is seen on many physical stores in the UK. Customers can order different types of IT products including PCs, laptops and tablets either from physical stores across the country or online. The most convenient way of making enquiries about any of the products from the PC World is by making a telephone call. Many people in the UK interested in finding out available products and prices therefore use the PC World contact number 0844 545 7848 which guarantees the fastest response.

PC World Contact Number 0844 545 7848

When PC World was purchased by Dixons Carphone (then Dixons Group plc) in 1993, it had only 4 stores. After that expansion followed with acquisitions and establishment of more stores. By the year 2006, PC World had about 163 stores spread all over the UK and Ireland. The business has since then continued to grow with many strategic moves along the way. Today most of the PC World’s customers access information online about products and make their orders. Free deliveries are offered for online purchases of desktop PCs, laptops, iPads, Tablets, computer hardware like hard drives and much more. You can call the PC World number on 0844 545 7848 to confirm anything about any product you would like to order.

As one of the most trusted retailers of computing gadgets and accessories, PC World represents offers from all the major brands of computers, mobile gadgets, printers and all types of computer hardware. The retailer employs thousands of employees including the staff that populates its customer service department. Help and support is provided for each of the products offered considering they are technical in nature. The online platform provides a great source of information including buying guides and technical details of each product. If a customer experiences any problems after ordering products from PC World, the easiest way to get help is by calling the PC World helpline on 0844 545 7848.

Even though PC World is a retail giant in the UK, it has since 2005 received a lot of criticism in relation to extended warranties, marketing and sales tactics, level of staff competence, customer satisfaction and many other aspects. The retailer has tried several measures to rescue its reputation, but independent surveys like Which? still continue to give some of the lowest customer satisfaction ranking in the UK. Many customers often complain of being mislead about the quality of some products and repair services that PC World provides. If you have any complaint to make against the retailer, the PC World telephone number 0844 545 7848 will quickly connect you through to a customer service representative and your issue will be followed up for an appropriate solution.

PC World has previously operated with stores in many European cities but currently it only focuses on the UK market. Stores in other European cities were closed by the parent company. PC City was the name used for stores in locations outside the UK. There were PC City stores in Spain and Italy. With all the current business operations concentrated in the UK market, customers can take advantage of the PC World customer service number 0844 545 7848 because it not only guarantees the shortest wait time but also saves money. Every five minute call costs only 25p and that could be particularly more helpful where no extended warranty has been purchased. For calls on hardware issues, customers without extended warranties could easily end up spending as high as £1 per minute.

As PC World continues to take measures to improve its reputation and customer satisfaction, the impact of its presence in the UK market over the years is not to be ignored. Many customers today still order their PCs, laptops, tablets, iPads and peripherals from local physical stores or online. Many possible problems including technical issues that may arise would definitely require customers to get in touch with staff at PC World. That is absolutely made convenient using the PC World contact number 0844 545 7848.

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