RBS Telephone Banking Contact Number 0844 545 6558 Calls to our 0844 number cost only 5p per minute, plus your phone companies access charge.

The RBS telephone banking number is right here for you – just dial 0844 545 6558 from your telephone now! This number will get you through to the main RBS telephone banking department – this is good for both personal and business account holders. Remember that you must register for telephone banking services before you can use them – the registration process is fairly prompt – you can do it in your local branch or online.

When you call the RBS telephone banking number you’ve got the ability to check the balance of all of your accounts (should you have more than one). You can also check the balance of any credit cards linked to your RBS account. In order to access telephone banking you have to provide your customer number. Through telephone banking you’re also able to make payments via bank transfer. If you have a bill to pay that can only be paid by bank transfer then simply call the telephone banking department and tell them the account information of the person or company you’re sending the money to. The money will then be transferred right away.

You can order a new chequebook and discuss the plethora of financial products that the RBS has to offer via the telephone banking number. Just remember that there are some financial products that you may be asked to go to your local branch to discuss – things like mortgages and loans. That said if you just have a quick balance enquiry or you only need to do a transfer or make a payment, the RBS telephone banking service is very convenient!

For all of your RBS telephone banking needs just pick up the phone now and dial: 0844 545 6558 on your keypad. This RBS telephone banking number is what you need!RBS Telephone Banking Contact Number 0844 545 6558