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Royal Mail is a brand operated by Royal Mail Group Limited, a subsidiary of the Royal Mail plc in the UK. The company traces its history way back from 1516 and has gone through numerous transitions to what it is today. Corporatisation, modernisation and privatisation are some of the major processes that have shaped the history of Royal Mail in the recent years. Until 2006, Royal Mail had enjoyed monopoly for about 350 years. Today the UK postal market is open to competitors that deal with collection and sorting of mails before they are forwarded to Royal Mail. When you need to make any enquiries with Royal Mail, the best option is to call the Royal Mail contact number on 0844 545 7919 as it connects you through fast to speak with a representative who addresses you issues.


If you live anywhere in the UK, you can enjoy all the services offered by Royal Mail. The company employs over 150,000 employees permanent, while during the Christmas season 18,000 employees are employed on casual basis. The company claims that 99.93% of the mails it handles are successfully delivered. However, complaints are often received for mails that have been lost. At one time, Royal Mail was even fined £11.7 million for losing mails. When you discover that your mail has been lost, the only thing that you can do it to call the company for answers. If it’s a Recorded Delivery, chances of losing the mail are minimised because it can be tracked using a reference number. For any lost mails, call Royal Mail number on 0844 545 7919 to speak to an agent who may provide help or at least some answers you may need to get regarding the mail.

As a requirement by law, Royal Mail maintains a universal service. That requires fixed prices to apply to items of the same size regardless of the destinations in the UK. That was guaranteed through The Postal Services Act 2011 which requires the universal service to continue at least until 2021. For more information about this popular service or any kind of help related to it that you might need to have, just call the Royal Mail telephone number 0844 545 7919 and an agent will soon be talking with you. You may need to call for reasons such as notifying Royal Mail about any change of address you may have recently made, tracking any mail you sent, reporting lost mail and so on. With the number 0844 545 7919, you will not experience delay while every 5 minute call only costs.

 Royal Mail Contact Number 0844 545 7919Royal Mail Contact Number 0844 545 7919

For expedited mail delivery services, Royal Mail does provide Special Delivery. That is a service that guarantees that mails will be delivered by a certain time normally within the next day. For the service, you will have to pay an additional cost. 9 am and 1 pm special deliveries are the most common. Royal Mail actually does insure any goods sent through the service. Money back guarantees apply for any lost item. If this is a service you would consider using, then make your enquiries using the Royal Mail customer service number 0844 545 7919.


Royal Mail also does offer business services whereby PPI or franked mail have the sender’s stamp printed. PPI may be as simple as rubber stamping or printing labels, franked mail requires a franking machine. Businesses sending mails in bulk with Royal Mail may benefit from reduced prices. However, that depends on whether they adhere to some guidelines. An RM4SCC barcode will need to be printed and any addresses printed on specific locations of the envelope using fonts that optical character recognition or OCR equipment can read. If you are considering using the Royal Mail’s business service and want to know any specific requirements that might help reduce your prices, just call the Royal Mail helpline on 0844 545 7919 to talk to an agent who will provide you with the most accurate details.


Many items are usually sent through Royal Mail services, but there are also items which are classified as prohibited goods. Some of these items include alcohol, flammable or corrosive materials, controlled drugs, offensive or indecent materials, animal and human remains. Before sending anything you are not sure if it’s prohibited, you may first want to call the Royal Mail customer service telephone number on 0844 545 7919. You can also call the number to confirm many other things, make enquiries, complaints and much more. The Royal Mail contact number is the most reliable way to get the right information or help whenever you need it.


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