Selfridges Contact Number 0844 545 7879 Calls to our 0844 number cost only 5p per minute, plus your phone companies access charge.

Selfridges is a private retail company that was founded back in 1909 by Harry Gordon Selfridge. Its headquarters are located at Oxford StreetLondon, UK. The company comprises of a chain of departmental stores in London, Manchester and Birmingham. These are high end stores with the one opened in 1909 and located at Oxford Street in London being the second largest in the UK. The architectural designs of Selfridges stores makes them more like tourist attractions. Customers find shopping at any of the stores a fun experience because of the innovation and excellence behind their designs, displays and policies. Many customers are attracted to the stores and from time to time may want to contact customer services department for many different possible reasons. The Selfridges contact number 0844 545 7879 is the most convenient way any customer can get connected through to a customer service representative for assistance whenever needed.

Selfridges Contact Number 0844 545 7879

Since it was founded in 1909, Selfridges has always been driven by innovative marketing strategies and customer services. Some of their techniques used since the establishment of the Oxford Street store today have been adopted by modern departmental stores worldwide. Customers shopping at any Selfridges store enjoy unique experiences with fun and discover a myriad of attractions. Incase of any need to make enquiries, register complaints or give feedback on their shopping experiences, customers make calls and Selfridges customer service department promptly responds. If you ever need to make such calls, the number to dial for the fastest connection is 0844 545 7879. It not only saves time but also money as every 5 minute call costs only 25p (Plus your phone companies access charge).

Window displays are synonymous with the Selfridges brand and their designs have always been characterized by bold art. That is one of the things that keep attracting tourists. Fashionistas and designers frequently visit the stores to marvel at the various items on displays. The windows always have exciting displays that keep up with all the latest trends on styles and fashion. Selfridges offers a wide range of women and men fashion items, home and technology products, beauty products, kids products, foods, drinks and much more. All the major high end brands are displayed at Selfridges stores. If at some point you would want to order any of their products and would need any help, calling the Selfridges telephone number 0844 545 7879 is the best option to get connected to a customer service representative.

Selfridges has a strong online presence so customers can conveniently find products and shop from the comfort of their homes. Globally, Selfridges is voted as one of the best departmental stores. They offer a unique online shopping experience to their customers. When customers order products online, they often find the need to call and confirm the status of their order delivery or to report any unexpected issues discovered with products already delivered. Selfridges has good reputation of managing its communications with customers and incase any issues are reported are promptly addressed. The Selfridges number 0844 545 7879 can be very useful to any customer who may need to call for such reasons.

Whenever Selfridges has any special deals to offer to its customers, information may be easily available online at their website. However, customers who are not familiar with online platforms or at any given time for any reasons are not able to access or find the information online, calling customer services is always the best option. If you were searching for the number that can easily connect you to the Selfridges customers services for such purposes, just dial 0844 545 7879 and in a few seconds will be connected through to a friendly customer service agent with all the answers you need at their fingertips.

As a high end departmental store differentiated by high quality standards and value, Selfridges keeps improving customer service and attracting more customers. That is one of the factors that have kept its growth accelerating over time. Even though a lot of information about its range of products and services is available online, customers still need to speak to customer service agents for a variety of possible reasons. That is why the Selfridges contact number 0844 545 7879 is an indispensable option. Call it whenever any need arises and you will appreciate the timely help you will get.

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