Sky Number 0844 545 9980 Calls to our 0844 number cost only 5p per minute, plus your phone companies access charge.

If you need to talk to Sky’s customer service department in a hurry, be sure to call them right away on our following Sky number: 0844 545 9980. Hunting around the internet for the correct Sky customer care number can be a daunting task – the above number will take you to a general menu,

from where you can access any department you need to speak with. Whether you’re looking for great retentions deals or you’ve encountered a fault with your Sky setup, this is the number to call for all of your problems.

Sky is famous for offering a premium TV service. Sky offers various TV packages to subscribers including things like movies, sports and documentaries. Users can select the packages they wish to subscribe to, or they can subscribe to all of Sky’s packages, usually for a discount. Sky also offers a multi-room feature, allowing you to watch your Sky packages on different TVs within the same property. It’s ideal if you don’t necessarily want to watch cartoons with your children on the main TV!
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Sky has also branched out into the communications sector – you can now pay Sky for a telephone connection as well as broadband. Sky’s telephone deals tend to represent great value, as do their broadband connections. Sky often run all-in-one packages containing premium TV, telephone and broadband connectivity – by subscribing to all these services from the one provider there are potentially huge savings for consumers. Telephone Customer Service offer this number as a signposting service only which will contact you to sky but with whom we are in no way affiliated to. An alternative number can be found on their website. See Terms and Conditions

No matter what your reason happens to be for trying to contact Sky, you can call their customer support team now on our following Sky number: 0844 545 9980.

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TW7 5QD 

Sun, Aug 12, 2018

Why when trying to access channel 4 box sets I'm told I don't have the correct subscription.

This is all free on 4od yet sky want paying for it. I've contacted customer service, they are useless and just redirect you to an automated system.

All this was free on virgin.

I'm definitely not staying with sky now

Sat, Aug 11, 2018

Does anyone know why I cannot access Chicago P.D Season 5 on Sky go anymore, it only gives me the option to download on the skybox, but I'm not at home for a while...

Sat, Aug 11, 2018
Moved to Sky Go Forum [...]
Fri, Aug 10, 2018

I have sky + cannot get channel 4 on demand , not sure what upgrade I need

Thu, Aug 09, 2018

Hello Can anyone tell me when The Walking Dead is back on sky box office.

Thank you



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