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The UK Border Agency (UKBA) was formed in 2008 to replace the Border and Immigration Agency, UKvisas, and the port of entry functions of the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). However, it was on 1st April 2013 abolished and replaced by the Border Force, UK Visas and Immigration, and Immigration Enforcement. Border Force had actually ceased tom be part of UKBA as early as 2012. The UK Border Agency had more than 23,500 employees. The Home Office was the parent agency of UKBA itself recognised as a governmental agency. If for any reason you needed to contact the agency despite any changes that have taken place, you can easily do so by calling the UK Border Agency contact number 0844 545 7976 and you will get any assistance you need with any of the services they provide.

 UK Border Agency contact number 0844 545 7976

Between the 1st and the 2nd year after the formation of the UK Border Agency, too many complaints were being received and upheld against the agency. It was consistently performing poorly prompting the Parliamentary Ombudsman to formally criticise it. The agency was put on spot over a huge backlog of cases and complaints related to immigration applications including asylum and residence. The incompetence of UKBA finally led to the decision of its abolishment on 1st April, 2013 and it no longer enjoyed the status of an executive agency. The UK Visas and the Immigration bodies were formed from UKBA with the border control unit already gone separate as the Border Force from April 2012. If you had any complaints against UKBA, you can still call the UK Border Agency telephone number on 0844 545 7976 for connection to reach the new bodies that have taken over to provide any assistance you need. When you dial 0844 545 7976, the connection will only take a few seconds while a 5 minute call will only cost 25p (Plus your phone companies access charge).

Many people inside and outside the UK borders interacted with UKBA while seeking its services. The bodies that have taken over will still continue performing similar duties in more or less the same way. Visa applications will still need to be vetted from overseas to provide the first border control layer. Liaison with local authorities, HMRC, police and the general public will still be continued. The Border Force takes care of duties related to border control. Whether you know which body has taken over which responsibilities or not, you can still call the UK Border Agency number on 0844 545 7976 for any assistance you might need on such issues.

Investigation of immigration crimes was a responsibility of UKBA, but that now has also be taken over by the Immigration Enforcement body. If at any time you need to report any suspected illegal immigrant, just like before you can still call the UK Border Agency helpline on 0844 545 7976 and the immigration officers in liaison with the relevant local authorities can take over from there. If you face any immigration related issues, you can still call the same number as it quickly connects you through to the relevant bodies that have replaced UKBA. Requirements for visa applications or any other immigration applications are not always easy to understand for all potential applicants. However, calling the concerned bodies using the number provided on this webpage can help speed up the processing of such applications depending on the circumstances of applicants.

Given the numerous challenges that UKBA faced and finally led its abolishment, it is still too early to tell if the new bodies will succeed in taking care of the same responsibilities. Investigations and findings suggested that UKBA failed partly because it was a very big organisation that couldn’t be effectively managed. Even after the split of UKBA into the current bodies, the same responsibilities are to be performed and perhaps more effectively. The immigration services are expected to improve because it would be easier to separately manage each of the new bodies.

Although changes have taken place, anyone can still call UK Border Agency contact number on 0844 545 7976 if they need any assistance with any issue that was handled by UKBA. The changes are also meant to make it easier for anyone who needs any kind of help, whether to do with immigration applications or giving any reports that can help immigration enforcements.

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