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Utility Warehouse is a leading supplier of phones and broadband services, electricity and gas to homes and businesses in the UK. It is headquartered in North London and currently has over 500,000 customers and more than 750 employees. Utility Warehouse is the trading name of Telecom Plus and was introduced in 2002. Telecom Plus relies on revenue generated through Utility Warehouse as its brand name. As a customer when faced with issues regarding the services you receive from the company, the best option is always to call the Utility Warehouse contact number on 0844 545 7856 for the quickest connection to customer service for assistance. Utility Warehouse Contact Number 0844 545 7856

As a provider of multi-utility to homes and business accounts, Utility Warehouse was seen to have the potential of contributing to the emergence of the “Big Seven” rather than the popular “Big Six” energy supplies in the UK. In 2006, Utility Warehouse entered into a deal with npower to supply electricity and gas to its customers. The agreement involved selling two subsidiaries of Utility Warehouse, Gas Plus and Electricity Plus, to npower. Later in 2013 however, npower sold back the two subsidiaries to Utility Warehouse. That made Utility Warehouse to become one of the largest companies indecently supplying energy in the UK. It now had 770,000 points of electricity and gas supply. Any of its more than half a million customers today can call the Utility Warehouse number on 0844 545 7856 for anything related to mobile telephony, landline telephony, electricity and gas supply services.

Unlike many other companies in its sectors, Utility Warehouse does not advertise or operate shops. They use a multi-level marketing strategy where distributors introduce customers. They rely on a word of mouth to acquire referrals through distributors and their customers. All the utility services provided by the Utility Warehouse are usually bundled to help reduce costs for the end users. Tariffs are designed for that purpose and the company provides customer service as required for each of its services. Customers get the fastest response if they opt to call the Utility Warehouse telephone number on 0844 545 7856 and speak to friendly customer service representatives.

According to a survey conducted by Which? in 2014, Utility Warehouse managed a score of 76%, taking into account customer service, value for money, bills, complaints and help on saving energy. 9,404 adults living in the UK were surveyed on their experience with the energy suppliers they paid for their household energy. Utility Warehouse provides information disclosing the fuel mix used to generate its energy including the environmental impact of the same. The fuel mix includes 33.6% coal, 51% natural gas, 0.4% nuclear, 14% renewable (hydro, wind and solar power), and 1% others. Utility Warehouse enjoys among the highest customer satisfaction ratios with good customer service as one of the aspects contributing to the success. Customers dialing 0844 545 7856 for help can therefore expect quick response and useful solutions their issues.

Many customers enjoy lower costs related to the phone and broadband services that they get with Utility Warehouse contracts especially when they also get gas and electricity as part of their contracts. The provider encourages the customers to opt for most of its services to unlock most of the benefits. Getting one bill for all the services provided by Utility Warehouse also helps customers to control their budgets more effectively. Price rises are not expected during the contract while tariffs can be switched at any time a customer wants to do so. While customers can also call distributors for help with any of the services, Utility Warehouse also has a call centre populated with staff that provides professional help and support when needed. A great way to get connected fast to that call centre is by using the Utility Warehouse customer service number 0844 545 7856.

Utility Warehouse uses a combination of strategies that greatly help in reducing costs for both residential and business customers. Bundling its services and use of multi-level marketing are the strategies that make the greatest impact in achieving low prices. Customers get the opportunity to get their energy, phone and broadband services from the same provider and save more while controlling budgets much better. Without any advertising costs, the provider is also able to pass on the cost savings. For help in managing their accounts, customers can call the Utility Warehouse contact number on 0844 545 7856 for timely and professional assistance.

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